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Why do they call Malaysia Malaysia?

Malaysia used to be known as the Federation of Malaya ( Tanah  Melayu ). In 1963 this name was changed to Malaysia after  Singapore, and two North Borneon states Sarawak & S (MORE)
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What are Flags?

  Flags are drawn symbols, usually rectangular and often on cloth. Some are used as signal devices, and others are used as national symbols. National flags are of a specif (MORE)

Is Malaysia on the equator?

Malaysia is at the equator, it just 5 degree on the north side of the equator. East Malaysia is basically half of Borneo, Borneo is split on the middle by the equator with the (MORE)

What is the history of Malaysia flag?

The flag of Malaysia, which was first raised on September 16, 1963, originated from the flag of the Federation of Malaya. After the British started to collectively administer (MORE)

Where is Malaysia?

Malaysia is located in southeast Asia. It includes the Malay Peninsula (south of Myanmar) and part of the island of Borneo. It borders Thailand to the north and the countrie (MORE)

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