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Where can you see an image of the flag of Northern Ireland?

The OFFICIAL flag of Northern Ireland is the Union Jack flag of the United Kingdom which combines the flags of St. George (England), St. Andrew (Scotland) and St. Patrick (I (MORE)

Why is there two Northern Ireland flags?

There are not two Northern Ireland flags. You may be confusing the flag of the province of Ulster and the flag that was used for Northern Ireland until 1972 and which no long (MORE)

Why is there a Northern Ireland?

The island of Ireland had been under British rule since the middle ages, when people from Scotland settled in the northeastern part of Ireland to colonise the island. Irish na (MORE)

Why is Northern Ireland and Ireland separated?

Ireland was ruled by Britain for many years ,despite nujmerous rebellions. The Irish War of Independence (Anglo-Irish War) took place around the year 1920. The majority of peo (MORE)

How did northern Ireland and Ireland originate?

Since 1801, Ireland was controlled by Britain. In the early 20th century, there was civil unrest as many Irish republicans no longer wanted to be in the union with Britain. (MORE)

Is Northern Ireland part of Ireland?

Northern Ireland is part of the island of Ireland, but not part of the Republic of Ireland. Politically, Northern Ireland is part of the UK.
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Is northern Ireland ruled by Ireland?

Northern Ireland has been devolved from direct UK Government control, and can now partially govern themselves. Before that, they decided to remain as a member of Great Britain (MORE)

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Why are there a republic of Ireland and a Northern Ireland?

Because they are two different states/countries. The republic is an  independent state (although, concerning its membership of the EU,  some people people contest this fact. (MORE)