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When did Sweden become a sovereign nation?

Sweden became a sovereign nation in 1523. Gustav Vasa helped defeat  an attempt to bring back the Union of Kalmar (a union of the Nordic  countries under the control of the (MORE)

When did Canada become a sovereign nation?

  Technically Canada never actually ever became a sovereign nation. In 1867 when the British North American was first passed it allowed the creation of the dominion of Can (MORE)

When did Greece become a sovereign nation?

  1829 during the greek war of independence   1829 during the greek war of independence
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When did Egypt become a sovereign nation?

Egypt became de jure independent from the United Kingdom in 1923. However, the King of Egypt was more or less a British puppet. British troops finally departed from Egypt in 1 (MORE)
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When did Norway become a sovereign nation?

Inital unification The Viking Age was characterized by expansion and emigration by Viking seafarers. According to tradition, Harald Fairhair (Harald Hårfagre) unified them i (MORE)

Can Canada be considered a sovereign nation?

Canada is considered a sovereign nation and has been a sovereign nation since 1867, 1931, or at the latest, 1982. Even though Canada as Queen Elizabeth II as it's monarch, it (MORE)
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