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What is flagship exclusive in abercrombie?

Flagship Exclusive at Abercrombie mean that the items that is label "Flagship Exclusive" or "Flagship Store Exclusive" is only available online or either at a Flagship store. (MORE)

What was the name of the first US Navy flagship?

Congress commissioned the fitting of four ships for hostilities growing between the colonies and England, two on 13 October 1775 and two additional ships 30 October. Alfred (MORE)

What is flagship company?

A flagship company is the main or lead company within a group of companies. It actually represents the image of that group and sells its lead brand in the market.   Along w (MORE)

How do you flagship a ship in galaxy fantasy iPod?

To change your flagship, go to shipyard -> fleet and look on the right. You will find three slots, two of which will be occupied with your ships. Choose the second ship (Archa (MORE)

What do you mean by flagship scheme in budget?

Flagship word is derived from navy where the leader of the fleet carried a flag and was the commander. Symbolically in government lexicon the main thrust provider schemes in (MORE)
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What is a flagship of the US Navy?

The Vessel that contains the Admiral is the flagship. Example: During the Battle of Tsushima on 27 May 1905, amongst the ten or so Russian battleships, were four brand new Bor (MORE)
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What is the name of the us navy flagship?

There is not one US Navy flagship; there are two: US Naval Forces Europe (USNAVEUR) Sixth Fleet - USS Mount Whitney (LCC-20) US Pacific Fleet (USPACFLT) Seventh Fleet - US (MORE)