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What is a flagship?

Answer A flagship has different uses in a fleet or flotilla of boats and ships. It is the command vessel, which means it is the vessel in which commanding officers for the e ( Full Answer )
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What is flagship company?

A flagship company is the main or lead company within a group of companies. It actually represents the image of that group and sells its lead brand in the market.. Along with ( Full Answer )
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What was Blackbeard's flagship?

The wreck of what may be Queen Anne's Revenge , the flagship of the infamous early eighteenth-century pirate Blackbeard, has been found in 20 feet of water less than two mile ( Full Answer )
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What was sir Francis drakes flagship?

Drake's ship was called the Golden Hind. At the Battle of Gravelines in 1588, Drake commanded a part of the English fleet from a flagship called the Revenge.
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What is a Flagship fund?

A flagship fund is commonly marketed and recognized as anappropriate reflection of a fund manager's overall ability. It is usually the largest investment productoffered to ins ( Full Answer )
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What is the name of the us navy flagship?

There is not one US Navy flagship; there are two: US Naval Forces Europe (USNAVEUR) Sixth Fleet - USS Mount Whitney (LCC-20) US Pacific Fleet (USPACFLT) Seventh Fleet - US ( Full Answer )
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What is flagship exclusive in abercrombie?

Flagship Exclusive at Abercrombie mean that the items that is label "Flagship Exclusive" or "Flagship Store Exclusive" is only available online or either at a Flagship store. ( Full Answer )
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Where can you purchase a flagship?

One can purchase a flagship on Amazon or Buy Flagship Issues. They are sites that provide detailed descriptions of flagships available and allow users to choose the desired fl ( Full Answer )