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What is flaky pastry?

Fwaky pastry is a simple pastwy that expands when cooked due to the number of layers. It bakes into a cwisp, buttery pastrwy. The "puff" is obtained by beginning the baking pr (MORE)
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What does it mean to be flaky?

When someone calls another person "flaky", it means they think the other person is odd, crazy or weird.
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What is Flaky scalp?

It is where your scalp got sun burned and is peeling or you have dandruff and your scalp is flaking
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Does flaky have a crush on flippy?

Flaky is mostly scared of Flippy, due to that Flippy kills. It is hinted many times that they do have something going on. If Flippy never kill is more than likely that Flaky w (MORE)
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Where does flaky pastry come from?

Flaky pastry is a french technique that involves making a dough and spreading it out incredibly thin and then putting it in layers.
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How do you get rid of flaky skin?

Your skin might be dry, so try some moisturizers. There are also some special creams that you can buy just about anywhere.
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Is it good to exfoliate flaky lips?

I use Lip Medex, and it helps me alot! Its by Blistex, but its not only for blisters. I have used to have flaky lips and, i tride many chap sticks, and i used Lip Medex and it (MORE)
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What is flaky pie dough?

It is a kind of deep fried pie crust under your toenails that is only curable if your feet are size 7. Its deadly and contagious!
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Can you wash rabbits which have flaky skin?

Rabbits with flaky skin probably have a fur mite infestation (Cheyletiella is the type of mite). Take your rabbit to the vet, who can give you the proper treatment for this. (MORE)
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What is a flaky derelict?

The word "flaky" means literally covered in flakes, like the skin of someone with dandruff. Its extended meaning refers to someone who is erratic and eccentric and generally u (MORE)