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Why is paint flammable?

Answer   Many paints contain flammable substances, and spray painting is hazardous if painting mist comes into contact with a source of ignition.   Possible sources of (MORE)

Is bleach flammable?

No, bleach is not flammable. The Material Safety and Data Sheet for a common brand of bleach says it does not ignite when exposed to an open flame.
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Why are aerosols flammable?

Aerosols are flammable due to the chemicals that they are made up of that are put under intense pressures so they can be released from the nossel.

Is Granite flammable?

Absolutely not. Granite, like most Rocks and Minerals, is not flammable AT ALL. If fact, only a very select few rocks or minerals are flammable, most simply melt. Though don't (MORE)