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Why is your cake flat?

It fell. Opened oven before it was done. Cooled too quickly when taken out of oven. Ingredients measured wrong. Forgot baking powder. Stove was bumped during baking.
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What is a FLAT landscape?

A lanscape with no contours       A Flat landscape has no hills, valleys or dips, Yep, just flat terrain, such as a lawn or a backyard.
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Why is Flat Stanley flat?

Flat Stanley is a popular children's book about a boy who was flattened by a bulletin board in his sleep. He uses his new shape to sneak through doorways, fly as a kite and vi (MORE)
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What does a flat cells do?

My answer is: Flat cells, such as skin cells, often join in or overlap to cover a surface. They work something like the shingles on a building's roof. Your skin is built of ma (MORE)
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What is a flat?

Flat has many meanings and definitions. As observed indictionaries, flat means: . lying at full length or spread out upon the ground : prostrate . utterly ruined or destroy (MORE)
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Why are flat worms flat?

the body of flat worm is flat,board and long ribbon like. they are  mostly parasites and live in the intestine of man and other  animals. they are attached to the organd of (MORE)