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Why is a Flat called a Flat?

A flat is an apartment or small home that does not have any stairs. It is flat, that is, all on one level.     Flet     From the Scottish word flet, meani (MORE)
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What is a flat?

Flat has many meanings and definitions. As observed indictionaries, flat means: . lying at full length or spread out upon the ground : prostrate . utterly ruined or destroy (MORE)
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What is flat or nearly flat land?

In geography, a plain is land with relatively low relief, that is flat or gently rolling. Prairies and steppes are types of plains
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Why are flat worms flat?

the body of flat worm is flat,board and long ribbon like. they are  mostly parasites and live in the intestine of man and other  animals. they are attached to the organd of (MORE)

Why are flat fish flat?

Better question: why are there evolutionary niches allowing flat fish to thrive? Three answers, although you shouldn't consider me an authority: 1. Flounders lay flat on the (MORE)
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How do you be flat?

 don't eat a lot of dinner and do not stop  Exercising never no matter what...  eat a lot of strawberry well not that much like 10  or 11 and sleep well..  
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