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What is the best flavor of flavored condoms?

  The best has to be chutney and vodka sewn together. i have expeirience behind me and i know. It is the best because it is hot and spicey yet mellow and peaceful!
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What is a flavor chemist?

The Society of Flavor Chemists It is a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of the field of flavor technology and related sciences. Flavor Chemists study foods t (MORE)

What are the flavors of aquafina flavored water?

Strawberry Kiwi, Raspberry, Wild Berry, and Citrus Fruit. I like the Raspberry best. The Strawberry Kiwi was okay. I've never tried Wild Berry or Citrus Fruit. I like all (MORE)

Is blue a flavor?

No, blue is not a flavor. Blue dyes are often used to color various flavors (usually blue raspberry, blueberry, or bubblegum) of things such as candy, snow cone syrups, drinks (MORE)
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What is vermouth flavored with?

There are over sixty botanicals that may be used in making vermouth, though most brands of vermouth use somewhere between a dozen or two dozen. Some of the most common are ora (MORE)
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Why do tears have a flavor?

Tears taste because they contain excess salt from the body that it does not need and they collect sweat and other debris on your skin if they move across the skin which can al (MORE)
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What the flavors of lol?

Lolwut, lul, lulz, lawl, Cherrylol, bbqlol, sweet n' spicylol, So on and so forth
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What is a quark's flavor?

the flavour is just a property of the quark, like charge it is just something that the particle has which is very hard to explain, and in fact we don;t really know what it is, (MORE)