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Is flavor an adjective?

No. Flavor is a noun. It may be used as an adjunct (flavor  additive) and the verb form "flavored" can be used as an adjective.
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What is the plural of flavored?

"Flavored" is a verb; the noun form is "flavor", for which the plural is "flavors." (British spelling: flavoured, flavour, flavours)
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What does flavor mean?

  Flavour means what it tastes like.(example:sweet,sour or salty)   Sentence:What kind of flavour does that taste like?

What Gatorade flavors are there?

  *Lemon Lime (green) * Orange (orange possibly inspired by the Gators' Orange Bowl win.) * Fruit Punch (red) * Iced Tea Cooler (brown, discontinued in 1995) * Gra (MORE)
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What is the flavor of galliano?

It is a very non intrusive taste with predominant vanilla notes and numerous light undertones of warm spices like anise cinnamon and a slight hint of citrus

What are the flavors of Skittles?

If you look on the back of a Skittles pack, it will tell you the  flavor of every colour. That should help.     You can look on the back, but if you too lazy to, or (MORE)

What flavor is water?

  That is like asking, what is the flavor of Apple Juice. Apple Juice is the flavor of Apple, or whatever the drinker associates the taste with. As with water, it is the (MORE)

How does gum get its flavor?

artificial flavorings An invert sugar flavoured gum centre is flavoured with a coating of sucrose or dextrose or synthetic sugar free equialents. The flavour consisting of a m (MORE)

Is blue a flavor?

No, blue is not a flavor. Blue dyes are often used to color various flavors (usually blue raspberry, blueberry, or bubblegum) of things such as candy, snow cone syrups, drinks (MORE)
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What is vermouth flavored with?

There are over sixty botanicals that may be used in making vermouth, though most brands of vermouth use somewhere between a dozen or two dozen. Some of the most common are ora (MORE)