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What is flavored shortening?

Sometimes shortening, such as Crisco, comes in flavors like "butter flavored".. Check your local grocery store for other varieties.

What are the flavors of Skittles?

If you look on the back of a Skittles pack, it will tell you theflavor of every colour. That should help. You can look on the back, but if you too lazy to, or ripped itout (MORE)
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How do you flavor cheese?

It really depends on what you are asking. If you want to know how you can take a cheese that already exist and flavor it, its a tricky, but not impossible task.; most of it in (MORE)

What are the flavors of aquafina flavored water?

Strawberry Kiwi, Raspberry, Wild Berry, and Citrus Fruit. I like the Raspberry best. The Strawberry Kiwi was okay. I've never tried Wild Berry or Citrus Fruit. I like all (MORE)
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What are the flavors of cake?

Well you have different types of cake like carrot, vanilla ,chocolate, red velvet, lemon, yellow, coconut, rice, and that's allI can think of. Lol.
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What is the flavor of galliano?

It is a very non intrusive taste with predominant vanilla notes and numerous light undertones of warm spices like anise cinnamon and a slight hint of citrus
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What is the donut flavors?

These are types of doughnut flavours I know: 1: Glazed 2: Chocolate glazed 3: Chocolate Long John 4: Vanilla Long John 5: Coconut 6: Cinnamon 7: Coffee 8: Strawberry 9: Sprink (MORE)