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Can granite flex?

  Given enough time, like leaning against a wall, it will bow slightly. If not installed properly, it will break with an eight of an inch deflection.
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How do you flex?

    Contract the muscles on both sides of a joint. For example, contract both your tricep and your bicep.
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What is flex?

A> A Flex application at it's very basic level is a Flash .swf file embedded in a generated HTML file. Since Flex outputs it's data as a .swf, this allows you to utilize ever (MORE)

How do you flex your abs?

flex your abs by sucking it in and out. Then you can flex your chest. I used to be afraid to take my shirt off but now I am at the pool all the time flexing my chest and showi (MORE)

What flexes your knee?

Hamstrings are the prime movers of knee flexion, but the plantaris, sartorius, gracilis, and the gastrocnemius, also flex the knee
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What is flex in softball?

a 'flex' is a player (commonly the pitcher) who only fields and does not bat! they have a DP or DH (designated player/designated hitter) who bats in their place :) hope that h (MORE)