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When do you flock a pool?

You flock a pool as a last resort to clear the water. If you cant get the pools water to clear up using normal filtration then you may need to use a floculant. let the pool se (MORE)
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How many is in a flock?

I found onhttp:/ a reference to ON (old norse) flokkr  which when searched on http:/ stated: group of at lea (MORE)

A flock of birds is or a flock of birds are?

In US English, because you are referring to the flock, which is singular, it would be : The flock of birds IS... In British English you would normally say: The flock of bird (MORE)
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What is a half a flock?

A flock is a group of birds; there is no specific number that a flock represents. Half of a flock is simply "half of a flock"
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Is it flocks of ducks?

Yes, the plural noun 'flocks' is a standard collective noun for two  or more groups of ducks.   The collective nouns for ducks are:    brace of ducks (applies to bi (MORE)
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A flock of birds?

The term "a flock of birds" is a noun phrase, a group of  words based on a noun that functions as a noun in a sentence.   The noun "flock" is functioning as a collective (MORE)