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What is a flock of birds?

A flock of birds is a flock of birds. But you can also call them: fleet, flock, flight, congregation, parcel, pod, volery or dissimulation, but those are the advanced words fo (MORE)

What is flock profile?

Since you placed this in Chickens & Roosters I assume you want the meaning of a flock profile. All a flock profile means is to follow the husbandry practices of a specific f (MORE)
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Why birds in flock?

Many bird species form flocks for different reasons. Some of thesereasons are foraging, protection, mating, raising families,aerodynamics and warmth.

What is flocking in dance?

flocking involves a group of dancers who are alternate leaders depending on who is in the front as the group changes facings and directions. it is most often done improvisatio (MORE)

A flock of birds is or a flock of birds are?

In US English, because you are referring to the flock, which is singular, it would be : The flock of birds IS... In British English you would normally say: The flock of bird (MORE)
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Do Eagles flock?

No eagles do not flock in the technical sense of the word, such as blackbirds or geese flock. You can refer to a group of eagles as a flock, but you can also call them a herd (MORE)
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Are fish in a flock?

1.fishes are mostly "schools" (groups of fish) a "flock" is a group of birds. 2.yes they travel together, depends on the species 3.if i did not exactly answer your question p (MORE)
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How to get girls to flock to you?

One way to get girls to flock to you is to exercise proper hygiene.Good hygiene in combination with a great sense of humor is sure toattract more girls than poor hygiene and a (MORE)