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What is the number of sheep in an average flock?

The average number of sheep in a flock varies greatly between  flocks. In 2012, the mean flock size for flocks in Ireland, which  is the country that has the most sheep, was (MORE)

When do you flock a pool?

You flock a pool as a last resort to clear the water. If you cant get the pools water to clear up using normal filtration then you may need to use a floculant. let the pool se (MORE)
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Do flamingos travel alone or in a flock?

flamingos travel in groups. they are weak otherwise. but in groups, they seem to be more of a threat, fending off predators. glad to help
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Why do birds form flocks?

Birds travel in flocks for protection. They flock to avoid  predators. More eyes watching means it's harder for a cat or a hawk  to catch the birds off guard. And they flock (MORE)

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Is it correct to say flock of deer?

The correct term for a group of deer is a herd of deer, flock is generally applied to sheep and birds.
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A flock of birds is or a flock of birds are?

In US English, because you are referring to the flock, which is singular, it would be : The flock of birds IS... In British English you would normally say: The flock of bird (MORE)

Why did people flock to see Jesus?

This is hard to explain. Based on the multitudes who are reported to have flocked to see Jesus, and the further thousands whom Acts of the Apostles reports that Peter converte (MORE)