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What does Flogging Molly mean not the band?

The literal translation would be to beat a Molly fish with a whip or rod. However, 150 years or so ago there were a group of coal mining Irishmen who organized to intimidate (MORE)

Did children get flogged in Medieval Times?

  Yes they did. Children in medieval times were thought of as mini adults, and were therefore subject to both corporal and capital punishment like adults. However, the man (MORE)

Why do the apostles rejoice after being flogged?

The apostles rejoiced after their judicial flogging before the Sanhedrin (see Deuteronomy 25:1-3) because they were suffering like their Lord and Master had in His passion. Th (MORE)

Why did Pilate flog Jesus?

Messiah was beaten by Roman "lictors". These were the bodyguards of Pilate who were there to hear Jesus / Yeshua declare Himself to be the King of the Jews in his presence. (MORE)

What is a sentence for flog?

To flog someone is a terrible punishment for that person. As he needed money and had read them all, he decided to flog his magazine collection.
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What is flog gnaw?

golf wang backwards. Golf Wang being a spoonerism of wolf gang from odd future/ OFWGKTA