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You want format floppy disk to 720kb?

In Win -XP: Close the "size hole" on the diskette whit some tape (the hole without the little wright protection bit) . Press "RUN" on start menu, and type CMD. The command wi (MORE)

Can you use the floppy disk for a hard disk?

Theoretically yes; in fact, some early desktop computers such as Amstrads did just that: the operating system was loaded from a floppy diskette, and data was stored on a seper (MORE)

Why you would format a floppy disk?

  formatting a floppy lets the computer understand it and then, it will be able to read and write data to it. this should only have to be done once for each computer you w (MORE)

What are floppy disks?

  Click on the link below for more information.     Floppy disks are a type of storage media now thought to be obsolete. They are so named because the actual disk i (MORE)

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What is the difference floppy disk and hard disk?

These days (2012) you will not find many floppy disks (although just a couple of years ago we had to order special floppy drives for a server because some software would only (MORE)