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What is floral arrangement?

This is the art of taking flowers and placing them in a pleasing array within a container. Any type of natural plant material is considered an element, and the styling of the (MORE)
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What is floral formula?

The diagram showing the relative position of different floralmembers of a flower is called as floral diagram and representing itin a mathematical equation with signs such as A (MORE)

What is floral geography?

Floral Geography is ...... well i dnt really know but i think its where people go round the world looking for exotic plants

What is a floral whisk?

Perhaps you are thinking of a floral wand? This is made from lavender flowers. The stems are kept long and a bunch is bound directly under the flower heads. Then, the stems ar (MORE)

What is the difference between floral initiation and floral induction?

"Floral induction is defined as a chemical or hormonal differentiation resulting from the fulfillment of certain thermo-photoperiodic requirements. Floral initiation is the mo (MORE)
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What is floral garland?

A rope type arrangement of flowers that can be hung and draped or wrapped around items

What are floral candles?

Floral Candles can either be scented candles (candles with the scent of flowers when they burn) or candles that are mounted on silk flowers in a glass encasement.
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Where can i get floral pants?

Floral pants are a must haves for summer and autumn collection ofyour closet. You can get them online at any store like Flipkart,Amazon etc. They can also be bought from a nea (MORE)