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Floral emblem for Ontario?

In 1937, the White Trillium was adopted as Ontario's floral emblem.  In Ontario, the plant is found in woodlands and forests. It blooms  in the month of April and May.

Does the floral Baby's breath have an odor?

When purchased as a cut flower, Baby's Breath does have an odour. The odour comes from the treatment and packaging during shipping from the farm. Processing in a weak solution (MORE)
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What is floral formula?

The diagram showing the relative position of different floral  members of a flower is called as floral diagram and representing it  in a mathematical equation with signs suc (MORE)

What is the difference between floral initiation and floral induction?

"Floral induction is defined as a chemical or hormonal differentiation resulting from the fulfillment of certain thermo-photoperiodic requirements. Floral initiation is the mo (MORE)
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What is floral evocation?

Early processes that take place in the shoot apex that lead to a commitment of the shoot apical meristem to form floral meristems that develop into flowers.