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What did Florence Nightingale do?

Florence Nightingale was the first nurse to establish a system aswe know today as triage which means it organizes things accordingto level of treatment for the patient. This i (MORE)

Florence to venice?

The driving distance from Florence, Italy to Venice, Italy is 161 miles / 259 km

Who is Florence Cane?

Florence Cane is the sister of Margaret Naumberg, and was a key pioneer in the world of art psychotherapy.

How old is Florence from Florence and the Machine?

i'm not 100% sure but i think she is 25 because she's been in the music population for some time now. ___________________________ no shes 23 if you don't believe me look (MORE)

Is Florence from Florence and the Machine a lesbian?

Florence and the Machine sometimes has lyrics that can be confusing. Songs like My Boy Builds Coffins, Cosmic Love, The Drumming Song, and Kiss With a Fist, all lead to assume (MORE)

Who is Florence Wilson?

Florence Wilson is one of my best friends and is 15. She's also the author of Teenage Vampire, a wonderful book (: Though she's young, she's doing great so far =] Love you Flo (MORE)