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What does bated breath mean?

  Nothing to do with bait, of course (as in, the cat ate a lump of cheese and waited outside the mousehole with baited breath). In fact, BATED is short for ABATED, or ceas (MORE)

What does Gil Bates do for a living?

Gil Bates (not go be confused with Bill Gates) currently operates a tree business with his oldest sons. They prune, cut, and haul away large trees and stumps. Prior to operati (MORE)

Is Kathy bates married?

Kathy Bates WAS married. She lived actor Tony Campisi for 12 years before marrying in the summer of 1991. Bates and Campisi divorced in 1997 not long after the loss of her m (MORE)

Did Daisy Bates have kids?

nooooooooooooooooooooooo Daisy Bates the Civil Rights Activist, publisher, and writer had no children of her own.
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Where is Florence in Italy?

Florence is the capital of Firenze province and Tuscany region, in central Italy. It's located about 145 miles northwest of Rome.
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What is florence lamp?

+As you are listed under ( Florence Nightingale) you may be referring to the so-called Aladdin"s lamp or stylized Oil lamp that is generally speaking, associated with educatio (MORE)