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Did Florence Griffith-Joyner die of a brain tumor?

No. An autopsy showed that she passed away due to asphyxia caused by a seizure. During the autopsy the coroner found she had a brain abnormality that made her subject to havin (MORE)

Florence griffith Joyner did she die through steroids?

  An autopsy was performed and determined that she passed away due to asphyxia when suffering an epiletic seizure while sleeping. The autopsy did not test for steroids. (MORE)

How did Florence Joyner die?

of epilepsy an unusual act in the brain cause of death was suffocation during a severe epileptic sezure september 21 1998 age 38
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Who is Florence Flo Jo Griffith Joyner?

Probably before your time if your in your early 20's. FloJo was a world-class sprinter who was very good for a number of years but wasn't breaking any records. After about a 2 (MORE)

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