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Can you get the flu from the cold?

No, not possible. The "cold" is caused by one of over 300 differentviruses, and influenza (flu) is caused by one of the severalviruses.
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Can you get the flu shot after i have had the flu?

Yes, and, since the seasonal flu vaccination in the US contains the vaccine for three different types of flu, you should get that to be sure you are covered for the main types (MORE)

Can you get the flu vaccination while you have the flu?

The answer to your question is yes, however, getting a vaccination  while still suffering from the flu is a waste of time. Allow me to  explain. When you get the flu vaccina (MORE)

Can dogs get the flu?

Not the human flu, but dogs are susceptible to the canine version of colds and flu (which are caused by different things) The canine flu shows symptoms very close to kennel co (MORE)

Can you get the flu after a flu shot?

Yes, the seasonal flu vaccine is meant to cover the types of flu expected to be most dominant during any given flu season. However, many other flu viruses exist which would no (MORE)

If you had the flu do you need to get the flu shot?

Yes, because each year there are different viruses that are expected to be spreading, and the vaccines are made to work for the three most likely to cause infections for that (MORE)

What do you do if you get the flu?

Drink plenty of fluids, especially water and juices, go to thedoctor and get meds to help with symptoms, and rest. The Fluusually lasts 7-11 days. Answer: Keep yourself away f (MORE)

How do you get the flu?

Most commonly, the virus travels through the air in liquid dropletsfrom coughs and sneezes . Viruses prefer the wintry conditions ofcold air with low humidity. In humid air, t (MORE)

Can a flu vaccination give you the flu?

It is possible to symptoms OF the flu from a nasal mist, but not a  shot. (Symptoms, not the actual thing) The shot is a few  archaebacteria that have been mostly shutdown b (MORE)

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What is TM-FLU?

ALERT JUNE 17, 2010 The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announces internet pharmacy fraud selling mislabeled drug as Tamiflu generic equivalent named TM-FLU. This is a (MORE)