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Where can you obtain any information about obtaining a copy of a game called 'Flummox'?

I searched on, and found a game called Fummoxed. If that could be what you mean, try this site: If it is the right o (MORE)
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What is a sentence for flummox?

Flummox is one of the lesser used words in the English language. It means to amaze, gobsmack, bowl over, or completely dumbfound, usually implying that someone is being bewild (MORE)
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What does flummox mean?

Confuse or disturb the mental or emotional equilibrium of someone. "I was so flummoxed by having him sit down at my table, I put two teaspoons of salt in my coffee instead of (MORE)
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What is the meaning of flummoxed.?

To be flummoxed is to be confused, bewildered, puzzled, at a loss,baffled, or nonplussed - often to a degree as to be leftspeechless.