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What is the necessity of a starter in a fluorescent lamp?

When line voltage is applied across the starter, it closes a circuit, connecting the filaments at the ends of the bulb in series so they heat up. Once the mercury in the lamp (MORE)

Can you dim compact fluorescent lamps?

Yes, compact fluorescent lamps can be dimmed. However it requires a dimming ballast which can be quite expensive and the amount of dimming is limited to about 20%. If you're (MORE)

Why does a fluorescent lamp require a ballast?

  A ballast in a fluorescent lamp does two things: it steps up the voltage to drive the lamp, and it provides a "load" or operating resistance when the lamp "fires" and co (MORE)

Why is it that mercury is used in fluorescent lamps?

It is required to make the lamp conduct electricity.   And when it does the mercury then radiates ultraviolet light   and this in turn makes the coating inside the lam (MORE)

How do fluorescent lamps produce light?

Fluorescent lamps produce light by energizing or exciting the gas within the tube, aided by a small amount of mercury that heats up and turns into gaseous form. That excited g (MORE)

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