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What is fluoride?

Flouride is the anion, or negatively charged ion, of flourine. Flourides are used as an agent to prevent cavities, as well as used in polymers to form flouropolymers, which ar (MORE)

Where can you get fluoride?

you can get fluoride in many different Way's can buy drops that you put into your water,varnishs,high fluoride toothpastes such as duraphat and mouthwashs.hope that helps.

Is fluoride a poison?

No, it`s more like an acid wich they put in toothpaste and even in the drinkwater in USA. if u use it in toothpaste u will strengthen your teeths, but if you swallow it, it (MORE)

Is fluoride an acid?

Yes, hydrogen fluoride is an acid; a very dangerous one! Hydrogen fluoride is hydrofluoric acid. What hydrogen fluoride is: . Hydrogen fluoride is a chemical compoun (MORE)

What products have fluoride?

Mst common brands of tea, although Green tea contains the highest levels, you can reduce it by drinking it weak and fresh and with milk. Grape juice, any processed food produc (MORE)
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Where is fluoride stored?

Fluoride is only used by the body when it is in direct contact with teeth, they help fight caries in the earlier stages. There can also be some minor benefit to bone structure (MORE)