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Where can you get fluorine?

Fluoride(s) may be found in toothpaste and is even added in trace quantities to drinking water in certain parts of the world. Fluorine is extremely reactive and not found in n (MORE)

Why is fluorine important?

Small amounts of fluorine is good for human teeth and is in manycity water supplies.
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How can you get fluorine?

Fluorine is found in nature always in chemical compounds with elements like sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, aluminum, boron, carbon, iron, lithium, nickel, phosphorus, (MORE)

Why was the element Fluorine named Fluorine?

The name fluorine comes from the Latin verb fluere , meaning " to flow ." The material fluorspar was widely used in the 16th century as a flux, a chemical cleaning agent that (MORE)

Can fluorine rust?

No. Rusting is a term generally reserved for the oxidation of iron. Processes similar to rusting also involve the oxidation of metals. Fluorine is a nonmetal and the most e (MORE)