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How do you store fluorine?

Fluorine is stored in Teflon (polytetrafluoroethene or -ethylene) containers. This is due to two reasons: 1. Nearly all containers will corrode with fluorine in it; even glass (MORE)

Is fluorine flammable?

Yes it is flammable!. Fluorine gas is the most reactive of all the elements and quickly attacks all metals - steel wool bursts into flames when exposed to it! there u go! im s (MORE)

What colour is fluorine?

Fluorine is yellow. Check out the video in the related link to learn more about fluorine.
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Is fluorine renewable?

No, fluorine is not considered a renewable resource. It is  considered a type of non-renewable resource that cannot be regrown,  reproduced, or remade.

Disadvantages of fluorine?

Fluorine is extremely reactive. It will react with many substances at room temperature and can spontaneously set fire to organic material. It will react exothermically with su (MORE)

Where do you find fluorine?

You can find fluorine in toothpaste and in some city water supplies, because fluorine strengthens teeth and helps prevent tooth decay. It does not affect the taste, scent, or (MORE)

Is fluorine in toothpaste?

Not exactly. Many toothpastes contain a fluoride which means that  they contain what is known to chemists as a 'salt'. Table salt is a  salt that is known to chemists as sod (MORE)