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What is the flush in poker?

a flush is any 5 cards that are suited eg.   Ace of spades   9 of spades   3 of spades   J of spades   6 of spades   its ranked by the highest suited card yo (MORE)

Why flush radiator?

Entire cooling system should be flushed to remove dirt, scale, rust and sediment buildup which will corrode and clog/ruin your engine/cooling system

What is a coolant flush?

This is when the engine coolant ( which may include anti-freeze, anti-corrosion, anti-boil and other fluids ) is drained from the radiator, hoses, pump, engine block etc and t (MORE)

What is a radiator flush?

  The radiator tends to clog up after many years of operation. This causes poor coolant circulation and over heating of the engine. Flushing the radiator will clean this o (MORE)
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What are flushes?

If you get flushes these are when you go from one feeling to another. boiling hot one minuite then freezing another.
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What is a Nut Flush?

  "Nut" means 'best possible' so the "nut flush" would be the best possible flush.

How do you flush an engine?

  An engine flush (in regard to an overdue oil change) is an additive that is put into the crankcase. Usually these take 3-5 minutes of the vehicle idling to dissolve gum/ (MORE)
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How do you flush a portacath?

once the portacath has a gripper in it (aka needle) then you can just screw the saline syringe on to end of the gripper and flush slowly then when your about half way draw bac (MORE)

What is flush?

Completely level or even with something else. Example: the door was  flushed with floor.
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Can you flush a tampon?

No you cannot flush a tampon, it'll just block up the toilet,wrap the used tampon in tissue and throw it into a small bin. NEVER flush them down the toilet!