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What probe went to Neptune or did a flyby?

So far only one spacecraft has ever flown by Neptune and that was Voyager II in 1989. Neptune is extremely far away from the Sun, and getting there would be highly expensive a ( Full Answer )
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When will there be a flyby of Pluto?

The "New Horizons" space craft was launched in January 2006. It is expected to reach Pluto some time in 2015 if nothing goes wrong.
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As opposed to a flyby?

The answer is lands, i had it on a crossword puzzle for a science project. :)
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What does the word flyby mean?

In spaceflight jargon it means when a spacecraft or satellite passes close enough to an object in space (typically a celestial body, such as a planet) to gather scientific dat ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between a flyby spacecraft and an orbiter?

The main difference between a flyby spacecraft and an orbiter isthe guidance computer programming : which causes a flyby togo by the planet and take pictures and other readin ( Full Answer )
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What info has been collected by the flybys and space probes?

To give you an idea: Some of the information and pictures taken by flybys and space probes that was received 6, 7, 8 years ago is still being analyzed! Robot ships ("flybys an ( Full Answer )
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What is a flyby space probe?

A flyby space probe is a space probe meant to fly by an object in space. It doesn't go into orbit, it doesn't land, it just flies by.
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What are some good companies with flyby services?

Many big arline companies offer this, such as KLM, AirFrance, or Transavia. Other companies are ArkeFly, China Southern Airlines and Corendon Airlines.
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What does a flyby do?

Why could voyager to fly past Saturn Uranus and Neptune even knowit left earth with only enough energy to reach Jupiter