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What is a fly?

a creature that flies around and, well, enjoys being a fly. Bad points: It hangs around horse manure. Good points: they are fun to smush with a fly swatter. No good points, re (MORE)

What is a Fly out?

That is when a batter hits the ball in the air and the defender catches it before it hits the ground. Generally, the term 'fly out' is used with a ball hit to an outfielder. T (MORE)

How do you get fly on?

  Go 2 Veilstone city after getiong your 3rd gym badge then Dawn will ask u if ur going 2 hlep her get her pokedex back from team glactic after uv beaten that team go (MORE)

How can you fly?

You can use an airplane, a helicopter, or a jet to fly. you have to pull out wiennie and use as a stering wheel and navagate with your boobies pull it rihht to go right and
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Well, you first need to get the HM Fly from some guy as you advance. Then, teach it to some Pokemon who can learn Fly and WA-LAH!
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Why am i flying?

You are flying either because you have spontaneously sprouted wings or because you have officially gone crazy. If either of these is the case, I suggest you see a doctor as so (MORE)

Why can not we fly?

your mum is so fat and hungry she ate our wings Hey! That's so mean! This is categorized under human anatomy not humor! The reason why we cant fly is because our bones aren' (MORE)

How can I fly?

Eat black beans as they are a good source of protein, and wait from 6-8 weeks by fasting on bread and water, eventually small feathers should appear on the upper part of your (MORE)
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How to get fly?

Getting a fly can be easy if one uses flypaper or a fly trap. If a  person wants to get fly in the slang sense of the word, a fresh  wardrobe and some cool music might help. (MORE)