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When do you cut back tulip foliage?

Answer . As long as the leaves are green and healthy they are storing nutrients for next years bloom ( a good time to fertilize ). once they start to wilt and turn color t (MORE)

What is the antonym for foliage?

Foliage doesn't really have exact antonyms, but in various contexts antonyms could be found. 'Treeless' and 'deforested' are also pretty close. Ex: "[ant. foliage] environmen (MORE)
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What is decorative foliage?

Many plants are chosen for their "foliage" or leaves, rather than the flowers. When you have a plant with decorative foliage, it means that the leaves are interesting. Some ha (MORE)
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Summary of the poem Sea of foliage?

A Sea of Foliage- A sea of foliage girds our garden round But not a sea of dull unvaried green ' The light -green graceful tamarids abound amid the mango clunps of green p (MORE)