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How do you care for cut foliages?

When you bring home the foliage, cut the stems shorter by an inch. For fine stems such as ferns, baby's breath, or bear grass no further treatment is necessary;simply put the (MORE)

What is the antonym for foliage?

Foliage doesn't really have exact antonyms, but in various contexts antonyms could be found. 'Treeless' and 'deforested' are also pretty close. Ex: "[ant. foliage] environmen (MORE)
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What is decorative foliage?

Many plants are chosen for their "foliage" or leaves, rather than the flowers. When you have a plant with decorative foliage, it means that the leaves are interesting. Some ha (MORE)

What rhymes with foliage?

footage, collage, forage, silage, moorage, outage, mileage, tonnage, potage, corkage, college, montage, forge, cottage, corsage, millage, linage, courage, pillage, coinage, ho (MORE)

What foliage is there in Antarctica?

None. It's too cold for plants with foliage to grow on the continent. The Antarctic Peninsula does grow a few grasses, mosses and algae, but there are no trees or other botani (MORE)
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Where are Foliage plants located?

They can be found in caves throughout the world, or sometimes in other dark areas, such as hollow logs. Most common in Asia.