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What is the folly meter?

Sounds like a way of distinguishing how absurd, or possibly devastating, an outcome may be as a result of some action. Were you reading Popular Science and came across the "Wh (MORE)
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What does the folly of England and the ruin of America?

The folly of England refers to the stupidity or unfairness of the stamp tax, and if enforced, will be the ruin of America (more money out of Americans pockets and at the same (MORE)

What does 'Where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise' mean?

"Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise" In Eastern spiritualism (Be it Hindu Buddhist Zen or any other path) quietening of one's mind, from its constant queries an (MORE)
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Why is Alaska called Sewards Folly?

It was believed that Secretary of State Seward had made a major blunder in buying Alaska which could never be occupied, contained no farmland and had no strategic value. (Thos (MORE)

What is trumans folly?

  One source stated that "Truman's Folly" was the Korean War. This may have been in reference to Truman's policy of "not fighting to win", which meant NOT USING THE "BOMB" (MORE)
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What was ericson's folly?

  It was the name of the Ironclad that John Ericson made in the Civil War. (The Moniter)

What did Clinton's folly foolish project lead to?

Clinton's folly, or Clinton's Ditch, refers to the Erie Canal and  De Witt Clinton. De Witt Clinton was a New York politician who  worked to get the idea of connecting the H (MORE)