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What is a follie?

A folly in architecture was common in England in the 18th century.It is a constructed formation used as a conversation piece at anevent to show recognition to a person.
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Why was seward's folly not a folly?

Nothing "folly"about the U.S. buying Alaska and all its great natural resources! Pretty great deal in my estimation!
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What is folly catheter?

A Foley catheter is a soft and sterile plastic or rubber tubeinserted into the bladder to drain urine. It can be left in placefor longer periods of time, so it is often used a ( Full Answer )
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At does folly mean?

Folly: That which is done by fools . Hence the quote! "One can not save a fool from his folly!"
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What was ericson's folly?

It was the name of the Ironclad that John Ericson made in the Civil War. (The Moniter)
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What was Steward's Folly?

Seward's Folley refers to the United States' Secretary of StateWilliam Seward's purchase of Alaska. Many critics criticized hisdecision to purchase the territory.
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What is the folly meter?

Sounds like a way of distinguishing how absurd, or possibly devastating, an outcome may be as a result of some action. Were you reading Popular Science and came across the "W ( Full Answer )
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What was tryon's folly?

It is a house that in the 17to1800's a person named Josiah tryron helped slaves in. it is also known as the house with 7 cellars
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What is the CHOC Follies?

The CHOC Follies is a show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a show in which hundreds of well known business owners show their acting talent. They typically do embarrassing stunts ( Full Answer )