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What does I am fond of you mean?

The person saying it likes having you around and spending time with you but not alot.
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What does fond mean?

fond means you have a strong like in this person as in I'm fond of john as in you like them or love them
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Is fond an adverb?

The word 'fond' is an adjective. An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, adjective or another adverb. Like many adjectives, 'fond' can be converted into an adverb by adding ( Full Answer )
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When was Sweden fonded and by who?

Sweden, much like most old-world countries, wasn't founded butrather evolved. However, one could make an argument that the modernSweden came about in 1523, with creation of Gu ( Full Answer )
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What is fond lie?

Fond lié (pronounced 'phonh lee-ay') or jus lié, is like a thickened gravy. The jus (the 's' is not pronounced) is the meat juices from the pan, deglaced & thickened; al ( Full Answer )
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When was Disney fonded?

Disneyland was founded July 17, 1955. Disney world was founded October 1, 1971. Now if you are actually talking about Walt Disney himself, he was born on December 5, 1901. By ( Full Answer )
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Where is a zebra fond?

The zebra can be found abundantly in grassy savannas, mostly within Africa and some parts of Asia and India.
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When was skateboarding fonded?

it was made back in the 1940's by california surfers who couldnt surf on bad days so they took surf boards and put wheels on them and called them sidewalk surfing. then things ( Full Answer )
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Where are arches fond?

there are many in rome and Italy like in those old chapel places... there is also the arch in st.Louis
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How is 'fond of' an adjective?

The word "fond" is an adjective meaning having affection oraffectionate. The form "fond of (something)" simply adds aprepositional phrase beginning with "of."