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What is a food?

We eat anything that create and maintain our bodies is normallysaid to be a food. Thanks.
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What do you get from food?

you get vitamins like vitamin d, which is found in most dairy products. Vitamin D helps you grow strong bones and teeth. You also get nutrition and energy:) ---------------- (MORE)

Have you had food?

I am almost positive every single animal, human, and plant in this entire world has has some type and/or amount of food in their lifetime. The one's who haven't had any food A (MORE)

Why can food?

The purpose of canning food, whether commercially or at home, is to preserve the food for later use.
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Where is your food?

Well, not sure. But food overall is everywhere. However, not always for us humans. But food for anything is everywhere. Deep in the ocean, or deep underground or high in the s (MORE)

What is the foods?

Food is something that every living organism needs to survive.  Without it, everything would die off.
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How do you they get their food?

Civilization gets its food through planting, sowing, and  harvesting. The food is then preserved in multiple ways or is sold  at markets to the public.
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What food to?

Your question does not make sense.  Please ask another question on the website. 
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