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What are Food safety and temperatures for food?

The food danger zone is 41 degrees F to 135 degrees F, meaning your food should not be stored at this temperature for more than 4 hours TOTAL. Bacteria grows best in this temp (MORE)

What type of food is creole food?

Creole food, like Cajun food, is at it's root, French. The French settlers who came to southern Louisiana mixed with the locals, including Spanish, American Indians, and Black (MORE)

What foods preserve other foods?

Sugar is used to preserve fruits as jam/jelly. Salt is used to preserve foods such as fish and meats like bacon. Vinegar is used to preserve many different foods such as onio (MORE)

How does food food spoil?

 When air gets at it, it oxidizes and its quality  diminishes.  Microorganisms from the air land on the food and can begin to  grow. this causes an unpleasant smell, bad (MORE)

Glow foods are foods that are rich in?

"Glow foods" are vegetables and fruits that help us "glow" when we eat them and to live better. They are basically the foods with the most minerals and vitamins for our shinny (MORE)
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How does cooking food preserve food?

The bacteria and fungi in the food are killed by the heat and can therefore no longer spoil the food.
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How can food handlers control food?

There are many ways in which food handlers can keep food safe. Some of these methods include: Having good personal Hygine: bathing everyday, washing hands frequently before, (MORE)

What foods are Kosher foods?

Kosher refers to any food that is produced following the Jewish  dietary laws which are called kashrut. The core rules of kashrut  are:    * Land animals must have sp (MORE)