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Who was Rama Chakra you?

  sir   Yogi Ramachakra is written various books on Indian Yogo which is very inspire and Lead us to Light. His real Name is Willian Walker Adkinsion You can find his b (MORE)

What does Rama Mean in Spanish?

It's the part of the tree that grows out of the trunk or the part of a plant that grows out of the main stem: the branch.
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Who was Rama Krishna?

      i think below answer is wrong.they were brothers.....       Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa was a true 19th century Saint of the highest order.   (MORE)

Who is Tenali Rama?

Tenali Rama was an intelligent court jester in the court of great emperor Krishnadevaraya of Viajanagara kingdom about 500 years ago in south India.
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Why is Lord Rama black?

Wherever there is the union of purity and depth it produces blue colour. The water of the seas and the sky both are blue. Hence the colour blue is also called aasmani or sky c (MORE)

Who want to go into the forest with Rama?

Rama going to the Forest for fourteen years is the divine plan. It was predestined that Rama should go to forest for doing so many things like Ahalya Vimukti, destroying the d (MORE)

Why was Lord Rama sent into the woods?

Once Kaikeyi saved the life of Dashrath by diverting his Rath to  correct direction in a battle.Dashrath asked her" two wishes " in  return. She replied that she will wish s (MORE)

Is Rama a military hero?

Rama is seventh incarnation of Sri Vishnu (one of the Trinity in Hinduism) He is role model for a perfect Man, son, husband, king and a hero.
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