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Why is the food pyramid constructed the way it is?

The base of the pyramid is broad, and this is used to indicate that the food items placed there (carbohydrates) are to be consumed in large quantities (staple foods). The tip (MORE)
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How can the food pyramid help us?

The food pyramid helps our body take in the right types of foods in a balanced order so we can maintain a healthy and balanced diet. We stay healthy by having a system like th (MORE)

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How is a food pyramid different from a food chain?

A food chain is a sequence of higherarchy in eating patterns, like who eats who and then who eats them in a specific system. An example: The mouse eats berries, the snake eats (MORE)

What does the food pyramid represent?

The food pyramid is a graphical representation of what the organization that created it believes are the right proportions of different food groups people should consume. Typi (MORE)