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What is a dirty bomb?

A "dirty bomb" is a conventional explosive, such as dynamite, salted with radioactive waste that scatters when the bomb goes off. It is not a nuclear bomb. The bomb can kill o (MORE)

What was the q bomb?

The Q-bomb was a Superbomb that turned out to be a dud. It's from the film, The Mouse That Roared (1959) starring Peter Sellers. The film is about a poor country that goes to (MORE)

What do Antimatter bombs do?

Well, although I don't think they have managed to construct one yet, i do know what they are intending to do... this bomb contains a sealed container with no matter inside, (MORE)
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What is a neutrino bomb?

I linked an article below that describes a rather unscientific theory of mass extinction resulting from a so-called "Neutrino Bomb;" one of the effects caused by a "silent" st (MORE)

What is a nuclear bomb?

Basically a nuclear weapon is an explosive device that derives its  destructive force from nuclear reactions, either fission  or a combination of fission and fusion.   (MORE)

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What is a hydrogen bomb?

The Teller-Ulam design is the nuclear weapon design concept used in most of the world's nuclear weapons. Colloquially referred to as "the secret of the hydrogen bomb ", beca (MORE)

What is suicide bombing?

  Using yourself as the detonator   Suicide bombing is the practice of using one's self as the transportation, hiding place and trigger for deploying a bomb. Generall (MORE)

What is an plutonium bomb?

A plutonium bomb is a type of nuclear weapon that uses pluyonium as the nuclear material. Most plutonium bombs are implosion type. This means that a core of pure plutonium i (MORE)
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Why was crewe bombed?

Further to earlier answers, I was born in Crewe in November 1939 just after the start of WW2, and remember my mother later describing the nightly air raids by the Luftwaffe. T (MORE)

Did japan have atomic bombs when you bomb them?

No, they did not. They couldn't even come up with a decent RADAR  unit for their ships like the Allies had. They had no warplanes big  enough to carry the Atomic Bomb anywhe (MORE)