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How does food poisoning get into food?

Food poisoning is usually caused by bacteria. Bacteria can get into  food if the person preparing it hasn't washed their hands, the  utensils they are using or the surfaces (MORE)

How do you get food poisoning?

By eating food that's been poorly prepared, or prepared from stuff  that has started to go bad.   Answer2: Food poisoning can come from a variety of ways: eating  perish (MORE)

What is food poisoning?

Food poisoning is the consumption of contaminated food. There are two types of food poisoning: food infection, and food intoxication. Food infection: -The presence of bact (MORE)

How do you no if you have food poisoning?

You know you may have food poisoning if you have diarrhea and vomiting. But many different kinds of illnesses can cause diarrhea, fever, or abdominal cramps. Determining thatS (MORE)

Does fast food have food poisoning?

It is a possibility that some fast food could have food poisoning.  It is a possibility that any food can be tainted or contaminated.  Regarding restaurants, unsafe and unhy (MORE)
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When can you get food poisoning?

When you eat rotten or uncooked foods food poisoning(botulism) is caused by c.botulinum. many other microorganisms can also be the cause of food poisoning.
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What foods will you definitely get food poisoning from?

  Cooked food that is kept at room temperature for long hours, causes bacteria to increase on them. Raw food, raw meat, poultry products and raw fish if kept for many hour (MORE)

Which food contains food poisoning?

No food contains food poisoning unless it is mishandled by cross contamination, improper temperature maintenance or using expired or tainted products. Food poisoning comes not (MORE)

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