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Why did food shortages start in ww1 in russia?

Because conscription was introduced, forcing millions of men into the army. Also, 80% of the labour force was engaged in war production. So there were less household goods be (MORE)

What is food shortage?

Food Shortage is when there is not enough food available for people to eat. If a food shortage persists it turns into a famine.
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What is a solution to shortage of food supply?

The best thing to do is to start stocking up on food before prices get even higher. You want to make sure that you get food that will not expire for years so you don't have to (MORE)

Will there be a food shortage in the US?

  Fortunately most of the food we consume is produced inside of the United States. Unfortunately most of that food has to travel long distances via trucks or trains. If (MORE)

Poverty and food shortages affect?

When there is a food shortage people become sick more quickly due  to lack of nutrients. Poverty affects everyone too because people  lose jobs, lose homes and it just rolls (MORE)

Why do animals have a shortage of food?

be more specific... if you are talking about ways they can have a food shortage then here... Ex: herbivores might have there trees cut down or burned along with other plant-li (MORE)

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