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What is a foodie?

Foodies are dining hobbyists; individuals that value the experience of food and wine and raise it to an art form. The term was first coined in 1984 by Ann Levy and Paul Barr i ( Full Answer )
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What is The Foodies Handbook?

The Foodies Handbook is intended to be an authoritative reference manual, a practical and comprehensive guide to all things food. An encyclopaedia. A guide to ingredients, rec ( Full Answer )
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Who are the foodie moshlings?

Coolio: Purple Star, Black Magic, Yellow Magic Oddie:Yellow Star, Black Star, Purple Star Cutie Pie: Pink Star, Purple Daisy, Blue Dragon Hansel: Blue/Purple Dragon, ( Full Answer )
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How do you beat foodie quiz on

junk food jenny: healthy heather: spicy susie: butter green peas nuts hamburger apple pie popsicle ice cream popsicle pink (color) green (color) pink (color) junk food (smell ( Full Answer )
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What can you buy a foodie for Christmas?

Oh, where to start. A popular item at the dinner parties I've attended lately is a slate cheese board. It's an elegant platform on which to showcase your favourite fromage (th ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the foodies set on moshi monsters?

Foodies: Hansel the Psycho Gingerbread Boy- Black Magic Beans+ Black Moon Orchid+ Any Dragon Fruit Oddie the Sweet Ringy Thingy- Yellow Star Blossom+ Purple Star Blossom+ Blac ( Full Answer )
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Are you a foodie?

A foodie is a person who has a special interest in food. They might also be called a gourmet, gourmand, or a gastronome.