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How is it possible to fall in love with and be so fooled by a narcissist?

  Answer   It is entirely reasonable, and even probable, to fall in love with someone who thinks very highly of themselves. If after some time, one discovers that t (MORE)

Who sings the song 'I Fooled Around and Fell in Love'?

Answer   Mickey Thomas, singing with the Elvin Bishop Group in 1976. Thomas later joined Starship, for what it's worth.     I must have been through about a mil (MORE)

What are the signs when you are fooled by someone you love?

If he or she is a bit distant, doesn't talk much, stops texting at a random point of time (in some cases) etc., there are a lot of factors related to this question but these a (MORE)

How do women get played for fools by men?

Often times a woman is played for a fool by men after going through one bad relationship already. It's called rebounding. Sometimes a woman becomes desperate, thinking she won (MORE)

What is the lyrics to you fooled around and fell in love?

Must have been through 'bout a million girls I'd love em and I'd leave em alone I didn't care how much they cried no sir Their tears left me cold as a stone Chorus B (MORE)