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What rhymes with foolish?

  ghoulish bullish     Here are some words that rhyme with foolish: ghoulish, toolish, bullish, coolish, moolish, Jewish (kind of)
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Is foolishness a virtue?

Literally, no, because foolishness implies recklessness and a disregard for safety or logic, both undesirable characters. However, philosophically, if you consider foolishnes (MORE)

Why are cows foolish?

That's a good question. In reality and in the bovine world, they really aren't, except when spring fever gets in the air and they start kicking up their heels! It's the huma (MORE)
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What is foolish gold?

I think you mean fools gold. Fool's gold is made of iron pyrite or FeS2. It is distinguishable from real gold for when you scrape it on paper it leaves a brown line or stain. (MORE)
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Why is this so foolish?

Some things are foolish because they don't make sense. Sometimes something can be foolish because it is selfish. It's good to notice foolish decisions.
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What is foolish wisdom?

That is the evolution theory. You could be surprised by the  nonsense of this genius saying all kinds of stupid theories. We  were warned about that.   - For although th (MORE)
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What is foolish noun?

The word 'foolish' is an adjective , a word used to describea noun. The noun form of the adjective 'foolish' is foolishness . The word 'foolish' is the adjective form of th (MORE)