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What is a foot?

A foot is 12" or 1/3 of a yard or 304.8 mm or .... it's a unit of measurement ok. foot is the lower most organ of our body:)

What is a linear foot to a square foot?

A linear foot is a length 12 inches long, the length of a 12 inchruler or a 12 inch long piece of string for example. A square foot could be a square having a length of 12 inc (MORE)
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Does trench foot spread foot to foot?

No. Trench foot - or "immersion foot" as it is sometimes called is caused by cold-induced injuries resutling from exposure to conditions of 0 -15 deg C (non-freezing) and wet (MORE)

Go on foot or go by foot?

Although the expression 'going on foot' is more often used, 'goingby foot' is equally correct. Comparing the usage of 'on' and 'by', most people would say theyare going by car (MORE)
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Why is a foot a foot?

God made us the way we are, you can't change that and everything is there for a reason and just accept that :)