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Why is there football?

Why Not?   The main reason there is football is to give us something to watch.    And it's good!We have football because some guy in Harvard went to England on vacation (MORE)

Who kicks the football in football?

In soccer: All players kick the ball. In Australian football, all players kick the ball. In the rugby codes, it is mostly the 'running players' (the 'backs', rather than forwa (MORE)

What is Football'?

Football is a ball game played on a rectangular grass field with a goal at each end. The object of the game is to score maximum goal into the opposing goal, in this game playe (MORE)

What is football about?

It's about people piling up on each other in front of thousands of people (as far as professional is concurred) of watchers. It's also just a really great game. As far as obj (MORE)
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Why is football is football?

cause foot ball you have to run most of the time Answer The word football is from the English language and was originally spelt as two words 'foot ball'. The original foot ba (MORE)

What American football terms are derived from the military and war?

  American Football and Military Terms   The "Gunner" position, which is on punting special teams, lines up like a wide out and their goal is to the first one to tack (MORE)