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What is foraging parties?

Foraging parties are military activities. These are gatherings in  which soldiers come together in an attempt to search for food. This  can be done by raiding local homes or (MORE)
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What is a forage bag?

A forage bag can mean different things. In the context of a horse's forage bag, we are talking about a large bulky feed bag. In the context of the word as its used in the fi (MORE)

What is fodder and forage?

They are herbaceous plants that are grown for the purpose of feeding livestock. Such plants include grass, alfalfa, clover, and even cereal grains. In common usage, fodder is (MORE)

What does forage mean?

(Of a person or animal) Search widely for food or provisions: "gulls are equipped by nature to forage for food". Anything that is trying to find in search for food or water, (MORE)

Is sheep a forager?

Not unless they're forced into it. They are grazers. Look up the background of the range wars in the mid west. Main cause was the destruction of cattle grazing grounds by shee (MORE)

What is forage?

Forage is herbaceous plant material that is fed to livestock in the form of hay, silage or pasture. Forage also means to search for food or provision of any kind.
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