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How does the foraging of animals on tree seeds affect the distribution and abundance of the trees?

would require an elaborate experimental design to answer, is difficult to answer because a large experimental area would be required, is difficult to answer because a long-ter (MORE)

What is foraging parties?

Foraging parties are military activities. These are gatherings in  which soldiers come together in an attempt to search for food. This  can be done by raiding local homes or (MORE)

What is common in foraging societies?

In foraging societies, it was common for men to be hunters and women to be gatherers.
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What is difference between forage and roughage?

forage is part of the vegetation that is available and acceptable for consumption (green, ensiled, cured, weathered) and roughage is the part of a plant that is high in fiber (MORE)

How do you use the word forage in a sentence?

Clover is good forage for deer. In this case it is a noun, meaning food. Deer forage for their food. Here it is a verb meaning they look for food.
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How do you use foraging in a sentence?

The word "foraging" is a verb. An example of a sentence using the  word would be: They spent the afternoon foraging for berries and  edible plants.
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What are all foraged items on harvest moon tree of tranquility?

Colored Herbs (comes in Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, and Purple) Mushrooms, Blueberry, Very Berry, Bamboo Shoot, Toadstool, Banana, Pineapple, Coconut, Seaweed, Common Seashell, (MORE)

Do foragers have the highest energy budget while industrial agriculture has the lowest in terms of the amount of energy used to extract resources from the environment for survival?

No, foragers have the lowest. Generally, they only forage a few  days a week for a few hours. In contrast, industrial agriculture  has the highest because they work longer h (MORE)