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What is a forager?

a forager is a animal that wanders for food. Like a owl: . \nforagers eat leaves from trees and bushes.....

What is forage?

Forage is herbaceous plant material that is fed to livestock in the form of hay, silage or pasture. Forage also means to search for food or provision of any kind.

What animals are foragers?

Any animals that have to go looking for food would be on the listof foragers. Deer, wolves, lions, tigers, and beetles are just afew examples of forgers.

Sentence for forage?

excuse me do u know how to get to the medical school I'm supposed to be doing a lecture in about 20 minutes and my drivers a bit lost, u go straight aheads you make a left and (MORE)

What does forage means?

The word forage can be used as a noun as well as a verb. In the context of a noun, "forage" means food for domesticated animals , for instance fodder. Forage includes vegetab (MORE)

What are forage crops?

forage-to collect something from a plant either to eat or pick up crops- plants like cherry bush and orange tree

Is a forager an omnivore?

a forager is separate to an omnivore, a forager tends to be a small forest dwelling animal i.e. a possum. an omnivore is the type of food an animal eats.

What is forage Agronomist?

Forage Agronomist is a program designed to manage new foragebreeding experiments. There are many different aspects of researchgoing on and this was implemented to manage all o (MORE)

What are forage seeds?

Forage seeds are seeds that are planted for the sole purpose of growing plants to be fed to livestock. No this doesn't limit it to grain like barley or corn, but it also means (MORE)
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What is sound forage?

Sounds forge is defined as Sony Sound Forge that was formerly known as Sonic Foundry Sound Forge is kind of digital audio editing suite. This was first created by Sony Creativ (MORE)