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What is a Ford Mustang fastback 2 2?

It is a mustang that has a roofline that slopes down toward the back and has just 2 seats in the back instead of the more common 3. (it has a hump in the middle of the bench s (MORE)

Which cylinder is no 2 on ford 5.4L?

  Firing Orders; (4.6L - 5.4L)   ************* Firewall ************   (Passenger Side) 4 * 8 (Drivers Side)   (Passenger Side) 3 * 7 (Drivers Side)   (Passen (MORE)

Which 2 channels cross in the pharynx?

The esophagus and the larynx are the two channels that originate in the pharynx. The larynx connects to the wind pipe (trachea) and the esophagus connects to the stomach via o (MORE)