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Which is the better ford engine the Cleveland or Windsor?

Neither is better. The 351 Cleveland develops more power in stock form, but the Windsor can be built to make just as much power. The Cleveland parts are more expensive and har (MORE)
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What is the difference between a 351 Windsor and 351 Cleveland Ford engine?

The Windsor is a small block, basically an enlarged 289. The Cleveland is a big block, more high performance. You can tell the difference from the outside by looking at the va (MORE)

Ford windsor 351 valve adjustment?

There is no mech. adjustment that you can 'dial' in. The lifters are hydrolic, and self adjust. Oil pressure keeps the lifter "inflated" and transfers motion through a push ro (MORE)

Who made the 350 Windsor engine?

  The Windsor Ontario Canada Ford engine plant. Not all 351 windsors were made at this plant
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How do you install a new distributor in a 351 Ford Windsor engine that the old one has been taken out of before you got it?

Answer . \nYou will need to know; firing order, #1 cylinder location, and have a assistant. Get a basic repair manual from library to look up these things. Remove #1 spa (MORE)

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