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What is casual forecasting?

Casual forecasting is mainly concerned with finding a cause-effect relationship between the explanatory variables and the variable to be predicted. After a proper relationship (MORE)
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What is forecasting?

This is the process of predicting what you think is going to happen in the future. It is a method of understanding the results of things that will happen later in life.
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What is a forecast?

A forecast is a weather prediction that weathermen or weather womenthink will happen. Can also mean a prediction or a conjecture about something in thefuture other than weathe (MORE)
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What are forecasting models?

1) forecasting for stationary series A- Moving average B- Exponential Smoothing 2) For Trends A- Regression B- Double Exponential Smoothing 3) for Seasonal Seri (MORE)
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What does a forecaster do?

a forecaster studies the weather a forecaster observes weather patterns and predicts what theweather will be like. (generally correct)
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Why forecast if forecasts are wrong?

forecast are wrong, because of some factors that may occur during the forecasting period. This factors may include, promotion, when company advertise their product without pla (MORE)
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Can waterspouts be forecasted?

To a limited degree, yes. While we have no way of predicting where a specific waterspout may or may not form, it is possible to predict the general conditions that can lead to (MORE)
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How do forecast get made?

Over length of time by studying meteorologist and review past records and files on weather that took place that day in that are the then study maps and radars by advanced comp (MORE)
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How is a blizzard forecasted?

A blizzard is forcasted by the temperature, mainly. If they know it's going to be under 0 degrees and raining hard, it becomes a blizzard. Although, if it is a temperature abo (MORE)