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What is the symbol on Gaara's forehead?

it is a kanji which means love. he created it with his sand because he had lost the only person who he had ever thought to love him. (that would be yashamaru who told gaara he (MORE)

How do you knuckle your forehead?

  To knuckle one's forehead refers to an old method of showing respect, somewhat like bowing or saluting. Peasants in medieval times would touch the knuckles of their hand (MORE)
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What causes forehead skin infection?

There could be several different reasons you have a forehead skin  infection. You could have an infected hair, a cut or scrape could  be infected, or you could be allergic t (MORE)

Swelling on forehead?

Swelling on the forehead can be caused by an injury like a hit to  the head in a fall. There are also medical conditions that can  cause forehead swelling like sebaceous cys (MORE)

Ashes on forehead or head?

Ashes are placed on the forehead in the sign of a cross on Ash Wednesday - it is the first day of Lent. The one who delivers the ashes tells the receiver: "Turn away from sin (MORE)