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Swelling on forehead?

Swelling on the forehead can be caused by an injury like a hit tothe head in a fall. There are also medical conditions that cancause forehead swelling like sebaceous cysts or (MORE)
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How do you knuckle your forehead?

To knuckle one's forehead refers to an old method of showing respect, somewhat like bowing or saluting. Peasants in medieval times would touch the knuckles of their hand to th (MORE)
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What do forehead thermometers do?

The forehead thermometer is a disposable strip of plastic with liquid crystals embedded into the strip. To take a person's temperature, one places the strip against the person (MORE)
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What is a forehead lift?

A forehead lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure intended to improve a person's appearance by correcting the shape of the eyebrows and reducing horizontal wrinkles or furrows i (MORE)
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Where is the forehead located?

In human anatomy, the forehead is the fore part of the head. It is, formally, an area of the head bounded by three features, two of the skull and one of the scalp.