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What is foreign intelligence services?

Depending on the context, a foreign intelligence service is either an intelligence service that specialises in foreign intelligence (as opposed to security intelligence), or a (MORE)

What is the court interpreters act of 1978?

The Court Interpreters Act of 1978, signed by President Carter on October 29, 1978, establishes the right of any individual involved in federal proceedings to have a certified (MORE)

What are the four agencies the US President receives intelligence from to help him manage foreign-policy issues?

It is true the president receives intelligence from four agencies  to help him manage foreign-policy issues. The agencies are US  Secret Service, US Department of Homeland S (MORE)

What is surveillance system?

A surveillance system is a series of video camera or cameras and  recording devices. They are used to monitor the security of a home  or other property.
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How to be intelligent?

To be intelligent you have to study and work hard. Try your best on test even though your last one to finish your test.
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