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Who are the Forerunners of the KGB?

The N.K.V.D was Stalin"s counter-terrorist Right Arm, and the initials stood for National Commissariat for Internal Affairs, sort of a combination of Gestapo and F.B.I. there (MORE)

Who was Christ's forerunner?

John the Baptist is said to be the forerunner of Jesus Christ, for it was John who prepared the way for Him. To testify that Jesus, who was to come, was in fact the son of God (MORE)
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What was the forerunner of the mandolin?

Mandolin have a long history as they have steadily evloved from more besice designs. From the lute came the mandore in the fourteenth centure, and during the 17th and 18th cen (MORE)

What is the fax forerunner?

There were a number of forefunners to today's fax machine -inventions include the pantelegraph (the first commercial systemthat functioned like a fax machine), the fultograph (MORE)