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Forerunner of kgb?

Lenin founded the CHEKA (All-russian Extraordinary Commission for the Suppression of counter-revolution and Sabotage) in 1917. Its headquarters were the Lubyanka in moscow. ( Full Answer )
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Who are the forerunner of sociology?

Auguste Comte who lived between 1798 and 1857 is regarded as thefounder and forerunner of sociology. He is known for the law ofstatics and the law of dynamics.
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The forerunners of sociology?

Ibn Khaldun of Tunis outlined a theory of the rise and fall ofnations, beginning with a feeling of group identity. He wrote inthe fourteenth century.
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What was the forerunner of the bicycle?

It's somewhat a matter of opinion, as humans have been playing around with wheels for a long time. But the boneshaker would be a good bet.
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Who are the forerunners in halo?

An ancient race that built the Halo rings and the Ark in order to starve the flood. It is revealed by 343 Guilty Spark that humans are descendants of the Forerunners.
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What was the forerunner of the mandolin?

Mandolin have a long history as they have steadily evloved from more besice designs. From the lute came the mandore in the fourteenth centure, and during the 17th and 18th cen ( Full Answer )
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Which was the forerunner of the un?

"Which" implies a choice of answers. What are the choices? Do you mean "What was the forerunner of the UN?" If so, you are probably looking for 'the League of Nations'.
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What was the forerunner of telesurgery?

Telesurgery became a possibility with the advent of laparoscopic surgery in the late 1980s.Computer-assisted surgery premiered in the mid-1990s.Operation Lindbergh. paved the ( Full Answer )
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What is the forerunners of probation?

Two of the forerunners of probation are judicial reprieve and bail.A third forerunner of probation is for a person to be released ontheir own recognizance.
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What is the fax forerunner?

There were a number of forefunners to today's fax machine -inventions include the pantelegraph (the first commercial systemthat functioned like a fax machine), the fultograph ( Full Answer )