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Forerunner of kgb?

Lenin founded the CHEKA (All-russian Extraordinary Commission for the Suppression of counter-revolution and Sabotage) in 1917. Its headquarters were the Lubyanka in moscow. (MORE)

Forerunners of anthropology?

The forerunners of anthropology were also forerunners of sociology.  These people included Karl Marx, Ibn Khaldun, and Giovanni Battista  Vico.
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What was the immediate forerunner for the piano?

The immediate forerunners of the piano were the harpsichord and the clavichord.  The harpsichord mechanism draws a quill past a string in a plucking action, like a lute. As (MORE)

Forerunners of sociology and their significant contribution?

Auguste Comte (1798-1857) founder of sociology, is known for his Positive Philosophy (1855). his major concerns: The law of dynamics and the law of statics. Harriet Martineau (MORE)

What was the forerunner of Volkswagen?

In a crossword, this kind of question refers, often, to the letters  that appear before V and W in the alphabet. Those letters are RSTU.
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What is the forerunners of probation?

Two of the forerunners of probation are judicial reprieve and bail.  A third forerunner of probation is for a person to be released on  their own recognizance.
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Who were the forerunners of sociology?

Auguste Comte and Herbert Spencer are considered two of the  forerunners of sociology. Other notable names include Max Weber and  the German sociologist, Karl Marx.
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The forerunners of sociology?

Ibn Khaldun of Tunis outlined a theory of the rise and fall of  nations, beginning with a feeling of group identity. He wrote in  the fourteenth century.