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What are Forever Living products?

Forever Living is a world leader in Aloe Vera and a USA leader in  Beehive products. Founded in 1978. They hold a patent that keeps  Aloe Vera gel fresh and essectially iden (MORE)

Why can't humans live forever?

Our cells are programmed to die. Our somatic cells (cells that are not part of the reproductive system) undergo rapid cell division in order to rejuvenate and replace dying (MORE)
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Do forever living products contain chemicals?

I have a bottle of forever living 'aloe lotion' in front of me. I can see in the ingredients list : methylparaben, Propylparaben, Diazolidnyl Urea, Petrolatum and 'fragrance (MORE)

Diabetes treatment with forever living products?

this is depend on the type of diabetes and what is the stage of diabetes. so if you have a normal diabetes you can take aloe Vera gel two times in a day (empty stomach), field (MORE)
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Do lobsters live forever?

the average life of a lobster is about 560-600 years in areas with limited predators. They almost always die from causes other than old age. Either eaten or caught.
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Does Santa live forever?

Santa lives as long as the world is healthy. He's lived since thirteen AD so he's gonna live some more.

Can a person live forever?

Nobody has really achieved this so far. Now, if you are religious, you believe that you have an immortal soul. At least, many religions believe in some sort of afterlife. In t (MORE)

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