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How much is 100 forint to us dollars?

It will always be changing. You can just google 100 forint to dollars and google will tell you. Right now 100 forints is about 45 cents.
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How much is 10 Forint?

10 Hungarian Forints is a little over 5 US cents This is 3.6 euro cents or 0.031 British pounds A good rule of thumb is that $1.00 US = 200 Hungarian forints. I got th (MORE)
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What is a forint 50 coin worth?

The forint is the currency of Hungary. As of mid-August 2009, 50 forints equates to about 26 US cents. The numismatic value of a 50 forint coin, however, depends on its condit (MORE)
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How much is 5000 Otezer Forint?

One Otezer Forint is equal to .0045 US dollars. When you have 5,000Otezer Forint it is worth $22.52 in US dollars.
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What is US dollar converted to forints?

On 11/12/10, 1 US dollar = 201.534 Hungarian forints. Use the link below to get an up to date conversion rate.
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How many dollars in 1000 forint?

Exchange rates change every day so any answer posted here would beout of date almost immediately. While it's not normal WikiAnswerspolicy to say "use the Internet", that's the (MORE)