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What is Forking?

In computer software terminology, forking means to split sourcecode into different development directions. Forking leads to thedevelopment of different versions of a program. (MORE)

What is a toasting fork?

What a toasting fork is . This is a long metal fork, usually mage out of wire (like coat-hanger wire) with 3 long prongs. When people heated their houses with open fires (a (MORE)

What is a fork?

It is a device to eat stuff with. Here are some stuff you can eat with a fork:. 1. salad. 2. spaghetti. 3. mac 'n' cheese. 4. green beans

Why is a fork called a fork?

Why is anything called by whatever its named? Because someone once blurted the sound out while referencing the object and said that would make a good name for this thing. Perh (MORE)

How do you put fork oil in a fork?

Typically there is a plug in the top of the fork that can be accessed by removing a metal or rubber cover, but it really depends on the model motorcycle you are working on . . (MORE)
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Why do you call the fork a fork?

Rice Fork Eel River goes by the geological phenomenon of Crabtree Hot Springs, and forks the Eel River downstream.

What is fork in German?

Depending on context, fork can be translated as follows: Noun: Gabel Gabelung Abzweigung Verzweigung Aufspaltung Zwiesel Verb: gabeln sich gabeln abbiegen abz (MORE)