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What is form?

Form is the arrangement of the different parts of a piece of music. If a piece of music has two parts, let's say part A and part B, then that piece is a two-part. If it has (MORE)
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What is a form?

A form is a visual representation of a database's data. Normally, data stored in Microsoft Access is viewed and edited through a form.
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How did the who form?

The Who formed when Kenneth Moon joined the original band that wascalled The Detours. Once he joined, the name of the band waschanged to The Who.
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What is a form IRS Form 1098T?

IRS Form 1098-T is a Tuition Statement information return. Form1098-T is used by eligible educational institutions, such as acollege or university, to report information about (MORE)
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What is the adjective form of form?

The word "formal" is an adjective form of the noun form. However, it has the modern connotation of official or decorous. An adjective form of the verb form is "formed" wh (MORE)
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What is formed when a sedimentary rock is formed?

A sedimentary rock is little pieces of other things (other rocks, dead material, or stuff settling out of water) bound together (generally by silica, carbonate, iron oxide, or (MORE)
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How do you form the past form of the verbs?

Most verbs are regular verbs and to make the past tenses you add -ed. walk / walked, talk / talked, organise / organised. Some verbs are irregular this means you don (MORE)
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What is the form of have and is?

to have Present time I have You have He/She/It has We have You have They have Past time I had You had He/She/It had We had You had They had To be Present time I am (MORE)
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What is if then form?

If-then form: this basically means that you say "if" and "then". Ifit is a right angle, then it measures 90 degrees.