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What is causation in fact?

Causation in fact means that if Action A had not occurred, then the  Action B would not have occurred. That means Action A is a cause in  fact of Action B. In contrast, prox (MORE)

What are elements of causation?

Causation has three tests: - The "But For" test or (natural consequence test): The court must prove whether the consequences would have happened "But For" the actions of the (MORE)

What is the Cycle of Causation?

  A cycle of causation is a recurrent series of events or a sequence of cause and effects. Mist rises from the meadows to form clouds, clouds become water heavy and precip (MORE)

What is causation principal?

Causation principle refers to the relation between the cause or an event and the effect or a second event. The second event is the physical result of the first.      (MORE)

What is proximate causation?

Behavior that is caused by environmental stimuli (if any), as well as the genetic and physiological mechanisms underlying a behavioral act.
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What is reverse causation?

Reverse causation means that expected future   increases in output cause increases in the current money supply and that the   expected future decreases in output cause d (MORE)
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What is supernatural causation?

Supernatural causation is when the cause and effect pattern, by  which all events occur, takes place on a natural and super-natural  (that is, not of this earth) level. C.S. (MORE)