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What is causation in fact?

Causation in fact means that if Action A had not occurred, then the  Action B would not have occurred. That means Action A is a cause in  fact of Action B. In contrast, prox (MORE)

Full form of ARE-1?

Application for removal of excisable goods for export by (Air/Sea/Post/Land)*
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When will you get your k-1 form?

K-1's are required to be issued by March 15 or September 15 if the return gets an extension filing.
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What are elements of causation?

Causation has three tests: - The "But For" test or (natural consequence test): The court must prove whether the consequences would have happened "But For" the actions of the (MORE)

What does indirect causation mean?

A direct cause is when you can determine beforehand the result: for example a car accident makes a dent on the car, or injures the passengers. An indirect cause is a chain o (MORE)
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What is reverse causation?

Reverse causation means that expected future   increases in output cause increases in the current money supply and that the   expected future decreases in output cause d (MORE)